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Test Browser Referer Headers

Check your link referrer, form, image, script and JavaScript referer.

to re-test all referrers.

Link with rel="noreferrer"<a href="/tools/test-referer?type=noreferrer_iframe" rel="noreferrer" target="noreferrer_iframe">Click to test</a>.Click to test.
Link<a href="/tools/test-referer?type=referrer_iframe" target="referrer_iframe">Click to test</a>.Click to test.
Form via POST

- token added to prevent csrf

<form action="/tools/test-referer?type=referrer_post_form" target="referrer_post_form" method="post"><input id="token" name="token" type="hidden" value="" /><input type="submit" value="Click to test" /></form>
Form via GET

- added a hidden "type" input to pass the type of form

- the form request method of GET is implied without specifying the form method

<form action="/tools/test-referer" target="referrer_get_form"><input name="type" type="hidden" value="referrer_get_form" /><input type="submit" value="Click to test" /></form>