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Toggle Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar; KeyConfig

Toggle Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar
Install KeyConfig: http://mozilla.dorando.at/keyconfig.xpi
1. Go to Tools > KeyConfig.
2. [Add a new key]
3. Name: Toggle Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar
4. Code:
// Toggle Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar
var b = document.getElementById('PersonalToolbar');
b.collapsed = !b.collapsed;

5. Click OK. Type a shortcut (CTRL+B) into the text box. Apply. Close. Open new window for changes.


  1. Hi -- with Firefox 4, on initially launching the program, this only makes a blank toolbar appear and disappear at first. 

    You have to manually make the toolbar appear through Firefox's own menus, and then the code above works. But you have to do this every time you close and re-open firefox.

    Could you post a way to fix this?

  2. With Firefox 4 the above code still works. The only difference I've found is that the bookmarks toolbar is shown after a restart even if you've used the CTRL+B hotkey to hide it.

  3. solution for blank toolbar
    var bar = document.getElementById("PersonalToolbar");
    setToolbarVisibility(bar, bar.collapsed);


  4. Thanks, I was getting the blank toolbar, then I found the solution for that problem in the comments and it is fixed. Thanks again!

  5. Nice. Works in Iceweasel today 2014-1-7.

  6. 2017 and still works like a charm.