Rhythmbox "Unable to find or create trash directory" fixed

Rhythmbox with debugging turned on displayed this when attempting to "Move to Trash":
rhythmbox --debug
[0x1072040] [rhythmdb_entry_move_to_trash] rhythmdb.c:3848: trashing file:///mnt/path/to/file.mp3 failed: Unable to find or create trash directory
Reason: the mount had the incorrect (default) uid and gid. This will show the current uid and guid for the files:
ls -n /mnt/path/to/
How To Fix: remount the drive and explicitly set the uid and gid:
sudo mount -v -t cifs // /mnt/server --verbose -o user=myusername,pass=mypassword,uid=1000,gid=1000
Now run
ls -n /mnt/path/to/
and the uid and gid will be 1000 and 1000 and moving files to the trash in Rhythmbox will work. NOTE: run "id"
uid=1000(user) gid=1000(user)...
to print user and group information. NOTE: more information about mounting using mount and cifs:
man mount
man 8 mount.cifs
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  1. anonymous

    thanx..that was very useful

  2. anonymous

    sorry- first time ubuntu user and non techie- where do i go to put in this code? does remount drive mean reinstalling rhythm box?

  3. anonymous

    but the disk i mount is exact a fat or extfat. no security user id sets. still the problem present there. how do i do with ?

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