PHP Sql Query Class

Content Class Query makes it easy to run a query. Simply chain the query parameters with ->run(); as the last parameter. // Basic select $q = new Query; $q     ->select()     ->from('`user`')     ->run();   // -> SELECT * FROM `user` // Select using page $q = new Query; $q     ->select()     ->from('`user`')     ->limit(20)     ->page(3)     ->run();   // -> SELECT * FROM `user` LIMIT 60,20 Query using more advanced parameters: require 'class-query.php';   $user_id = 123456; $q = new Query; $q     ->select(         array(             '`user`.`user_id`',             '`user`.`name`',             '`user`.`email`'         )     )     ->from('`user`')     ->where_equal_to(         array(             '`user_id`'=>$user_id         )     )     ->limit(1)     ->run(); if ($q) {     $user = $q->get_selected();     echo         'Hello '.$user['name'].', '.         'Your email is currently set to '.$user['name'].' '.         'and your user id is '.$user['user_id'].'. '.         ''; } else {     echo 'Sorry, user '.$user_id.' not found.'; } Class Query

NOTE: This is old, please use PDO.