OSX Install Pip, Virtualenv & VirtualenvWrapper on Mac


To install pip, virtual environment (virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper) on OS X, do the following on the command line:

sudo easy_install pip sudo pip install virtualenv sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper

To enable the workon tab-completion feature, append the following to your profile file (located at ~/.profile):

source /usr/local/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh

Create a directory to house the virtual environments:

mkdir ~/.virtualenvs

Create a new virtual environment for your project:

cd ~/.virtualenvs virtualenv --no-site-packages myproject
  • NOTE: Apple's development tools needs to be installed: Xcode http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xcode/id448457090
  • The "installer" only downloads the file to Applications -- you still need to install Xcode.
  • Running the installer normally may freeze. If so, right click and choose "Show Package Contents" then look for Xcode.mpkg in /Applications/Install Xcode.app/Contents/Resources/Xcode.mpkg and run that instead.
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  1. anonymous

    To avoid the most common freeze reason while installing Xcode, kill iTunes Helper before you start.

  2. anonymous

    install easy_install with:

    wget http://python-distribute.org/distribute_setup.py

    sudo python distribute_setup.py

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  4. anonymous

    fyi, for `mkvirtualenv`, --no-site-packages is now the default

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    thanks a lot

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    Great concise approach to virtualenvs, thanks!

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    It works!