JavaScript isArray type to distinguish between array or object

The typeof operator will say that an array is an "object". To accurately identify an array from an object in JavaScript, use the following solution:

function isArray(var) {
    return Object.prototype.toString.apply(var) === "[object Array]";

Instead of using typeof or instanceof, use the Object.prototype.toString.apply method to check if a variable is an object or is an array in JavaScript.

Object.prototype.toString.apply( $("body") )
// "[object Object]"
Object.prototype.toString.apply( [{foo:"bar"}] )
// "[object Array]"

As an alternate solution, use the method. $("body") )
// "[object Object]" [{foo:"bar"}] )
// "[object Array]"

jQuery type, isArray, and isPlainObject functions are also available.

$.type( [{foo:"bar"}] )
// "array"
$.type( $("body") )
// "object"
$.isArray( [{foo:"bar"}] )
// true
$.isArray( $("body") )
// false
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