Google Calendar last day of month repeat

To create a last day of month event in Google Calendar, create a new file "myevent.ics" with the contents:

SUMMARY:Title here.
DESCRIPTION:Description here.

Update "SUMMARY:Title here.", "DESCRIPTION:Description here.", and "DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20160331" as needed.

The recurrence rule (RRULE) field with BYSETPOS=-1 causes the event to be the first day of the month less 1 day.

Import into Google Calendar:

Google Calendar warning: "This event has a recurrence rule that cannot be edited in Google Calendar".

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  1. anonymous

    works great thank you!

  2. anonymous

    Perfect, thanks!

  3. anonymous

    THANK YOU!!!

  4. anonymous

    Works dude. Thanks a bunch. Please add litecoin for tips ;)

  5. anonymous

    Thank you for helping overcome a major nuisance of Google Calendar! Works wonderfully.

  6. anonymous

    How would you edit this to create an event for, say, the day after (US) Thanksgiving, which is the 4th Thursday of November, but where the next day may actually be the 5th Friday?

  7. anonymous

    I just put a monthly recurring event starting on the 1st of the month but make the notification 1 day before event, so in effect, it does what you without having to import the ICS file. Only downside is that day of the event is wrong so it is a tradeoff.

  8. anonymous


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