Firefox Move Tab Left and Move Tab Right with Wrapping (without requiring focus!)

Geany allows you to reorder the document tabs using ALT+Page Up (Move document left) and ALT+Page Down (Move document right). To mimic this behavior in Firefox, do the following:

1. Install Keyconfig (if not already installed). 2. Open Keyconfig and "Add a new key". Name: Move Tab Right Code:
if (gBrowser.mCurrentTab.nextSibling) {
    gBrowser.moveTabTo(gBrowser.mCurrentTab, gBrowser.mCurrentTab._tPos + 1);
    gBrowser.moveTabTo(gBrowser.mCurrentTab, 0);
3. Select the "Move Tab Right" shortcut and assign it the keyboard shortcut of ALT+Page Down. Click Apply. 4. Add another key. Name: Move Tab Left Code:
if (gBrowser.mCurrentTab.previousSibling) {
    gBrowser.moveTabTo(gBrowser.mCurrentTab, gBrowser.mCurrentTab._tPos - 1);
else {
    gBrowser.moveTabTo(gBrowser.mCurrentTab, gBrowser.mTabContainer.childNodes.length - 1);
5. Select the "Move Tab Left" shortcut and assign it the keyboard shortcut of ALT+Page Up. Click Apply. 4. Now open a new Firefox window (for changes to take effect) with 3 different tabs open. With the first tab focused, press ALT+Page Down and the tab will move to the right. Move it all the way past the last tab and it will wrap and move to the first tab position.
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