Control Volume with Keyboard Shortcut in Xfce

Add an Xfce shortcut by going to Applications > Settings > Keyboard. Select the Application Shortcuts tab. Click Add to set volume up, volume down and toggle mute shortcuts:
amixer set Master 3+
amixer set Master 3-
For toggling mute:
amixer set Master toggle
After each code shortcut command is added, press a hotkey to associate it with the command.
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  1. anonymous

    Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

  2. anonymous

    Love simple tips like these. Thnx!

  3. anonymous

    Perfect, it worked on my Arch system :-)

  4. anonymous

    Perfect, it worked on my Arch system :-)

  5. anonymous

    It helped. Thanks.

  6. anonymous

    If it doesn't work as expected, add a percent sign like this:

    amixer set Master 3%+

  7. anonymous

    Didn't exactly work on my XFCE4 on debian wheezy - had to use:

    "amixer set Master 10%-" and

    "amixer set Master 10%+"


  8. anonymous

    ¡Perfecto! Ahora, ¿unmute no-mute?

  9. anonymous

    Thank you! I would have thought this would be a no-brainer hotkey, but it actually took me some time to figure out how to do it. But the volume up and down hotkeys work perfectly!

    The mute (toggle) command isn't working quite right for me (on Xubuntu 14.04). It works to mute, but it won't work to unmute. Oh well, I don't really need that one. Thank you again!

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