Clipboard Plaintext; Copy Plaintext to Clipboard; ClipPut(); AutoIt


AutoIt: Put plaintext in clipboard using Ctrl + Shift + C.

#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>   ; AutoIt Code: $gui = GUICreate('', 500, 300, 0, 0)   ; input that will receive richtext clipboard data $input_clipboard = GuiCtrlCreateInput('my hidden input', 0, 0, 0, 0)   ; copy plaintext to clipboard: ctrl+shift+c (normal copy to clipboard ctrl+c) HotKeySet('^+c', 'ClipPutPlainText') ; ctrl+shift+c   ; replaces richtext in clipboard with plaintext Func ClipPutPlainText()     ; set input value to whatever is currently in clipboard     GUICtrlSetData($input_clipboard, ClipGet())     ; put plaintext data in clipboard     ClipPut(GUICtrlRead($input_clipboard)) EndFunc   While 1     $msg = GUIGetMsg()     Switch $msg         Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE             Exit     EndSwitch WEnd This script basically does the same thing as pasting your clipboard into notepad and then copying it back into the clipboard. More useful hotkeys: