Byobu save text

Save screen scrollback history text in Byobu using a shortcut:

Shift + F7


  1. Zach

    If the keyboard shortcuts are not working, try this:

    Ctrl + a, then enter the following command to save the pane's full text and not just the visible text:

    :capture-pane -S - -E -; save-buffer "$BYOBU_RUN_DIR/printscreen"

    Then you can view the captured text of the pane:

    $ vim $BYOBU_RUN_DIR/printscreen

    1. anonymous

      see also man tmux for info on capture-pane

  2. ak

    Magnificent! Works as stated.

    I'm using BYOBU via Conda on CentOS 7 (in order to get version 5.133) and Shift+F7 wouldn't work as I have no idea where BYOBU_RUN_DIR is located nor how to determine where that setting it set. I even ran updatedb then searched for locate -ir printscreen$ which returned nothing.

    Thank you.

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