Byobu move tabs with tmux shortcut

Set tmux shortcuts in Byobu to move tabs left and right.

# Move current tab to the right with ctrl + shift + right.
bind-key -n C-S-Right swap-window -t +1
# Move current tab to the left with ctrl + shift + left.
bind-key -n C-S-Left swap-window -t -1

The tmux configuration for Byobu is located under


Press F5 to refresh without restarting Byobu.

Move tabs in Byobu without setting shortcuts:

Move current tab to the right:

Ctrl + A, :swap-window -t +1

Move current tab to the left:

Ctrl + A, :swap-window -t -1

List all key bindings using the list-keys command:

$ tmux list-keys
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