Byobu join two tabs

Join two tabs (also called panes) in Byobu by calling running a tmux command.

Call the Byobu tmux prefix (Ctrl + a) followed by a colon.

Ctrl + a + :

At the prompt, run the join-pane command with the source panel using the -s flag.

:join-pane -s 2

This will split the current window horizontally with the current window in the top and the window in position 2 in the bottom.

join-pane [-bdhv] [-l size | -p percentage] [-s src-pane] [-t dst-pane]
                 (alias: joinp)
             Like split-window, but instead of splitting dst-pane and creating a new pane, split it and move
             src-pane into the space. This can be used to reverse break-pane. The -b option causes src-pane
             to be joined to left of or above dst-pane.


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